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Bruschetta Kalamata


Living joyfully includes eating creatively and well. The olive bruschetta or olive pâté began with the Ancient Greeks as an all-around complementing accompaniment from cheeses to meats. 

Our Kalamata Bruschetta, in our designer glass jar, sets up and sets off such a myriad of savory flavors that it will be your snack, appetizer, garnish, stuffing, topping and spread, and maybe all in one day.

This thick bruschetta is a testament that healthy can be delicious.  For sheer eating bliss and spreadability, we have blended multiple layers of flavors together from:

  • our world-renowned, authentic Greek Kalamata olives,
  • whole cloves of California garlic,
  • Tassos® Extra Virgin Olive Oil,
  • and herbs.




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