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Bruschetta Olivara


Made from a few, pronounceable, wholesome ingredients, Bruschetta Olivara lends itself to the picnic basket or the banquet table.

For cooking panache, bake in olive bread, mix into ground beef for burger patties and meatballs, use instead of mayonnaise or keep the mayo and make an olive aioli, put into a cheesy quesadillas or slather on top of a pizza. 

From the beautifully designed glass jar, this bruschetta is spoonful after spoonful of an audaciously tasty spread with high-octane vitamins and antioxidants from:

  • our world famous Halkidiki green olives,
  • our wonderful heirloom sundried tomatoes,
  • our sweet fire roasted red peppers,
  • authentic Greek Feta cheese,
  • herbs, 
  • blended together with our American Heart Association┬« certified Extra Virgin Olive Oil. 




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