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Bruschetta Olivepeno

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This is the tastiest mash-up yet! The traditionalist and the experimenter will be expanding flavors while  celebrating the beauty of food fusion.  We added little kisses of jalape├▒o heat from Mexico with a Mediterranean olive bruschetta. 

This bruschetta is going to increase your culinary repertoire and stimulate your circulation so try it many, many ways as:

  • pizza topping,
  • on a tortilla chip, cracker, breads and bread sticks,
  • incorporate into omelets,
  • on top of fried eggs,
  • whip into deviled eggs,
  • stir into hummus,
  • garnish over soups and stews,
  • stuff into pastries.

This is a testament that healthy can be delicious when you eat the very best of ingredients.


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