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Mini Rusk with Barley & Greek Olive Oil


Rusk, a traditional part of the Mediterranean diet.

Rusks are an important part of Greek cooking and are loved throughout the country of Greece, but they are not just a Greek specialty as they are popular in many countries.

Our Rusks are still baked today as they were during antiquity -- thick, rustic bread, twice-baked. Yes, they are hard, but their appeal is in their flavors, textures, and versatility.

When covered with olive oil and/or a variety of topping such as TassosĀ® Sundried Tomatoes or TassosĀ® Red Roasted Peppers and Cheese Spread, for example, they soften.

Rusks taste best when paired with hard or soft cheeses, olives, eaten as an accompaniment to meals in place of bread and with leafy salads. They can also play the role of croutons in leafy salads and to thicken soups.


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