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Organic Green Greek Olives


Unpitted Olives have their place. Let us review how to manage our really large unpitted Halkidiki olives.

The Eating Part: Whether eating with your fingers, serving as an hors d'oeuvre, on antipasto platters or as a garnish, put them whole in your mouth. When using in a cocktail, use a toothpick or simply upend the glass until the olive slides into your mouth. When using in a salad or prepared dish, use a fork.

The Fun Part: Deftly eat the olive meat away from the pit.

Etiquette Part: Do not use a fork other than the way directed above unless you wish to shoot a game of marbles. In public, hold the pit in your mouth and ease the pit onto your fork and transfer to the side of your plate. At home, take the pit out of your mouth directly with your fingertips and dispose of politely.

Don’t toss that liquid!  Tassos® special brine is the tastiest and lowest sodium olive juice available. 

These organically grown, USDA certified olives, are free of additives, preservatives and artificial coloring. 




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