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Organic Kalamata Greek Olives


These are authentic Greek Kalamata olives. Our USDA certified Organic Kalamata olives are a dark purple-black colored fruit with distinctive taste, appearance and dense nutritional content.   

They have:

  • a pretty almond shape,
  • a smooth, plump, shiny skin, that is fleshy and never mushy, 
  • a deep complex fruity taste, slightly smoky …. wine-like flavor.

To really appreciate the true greatness of our Kalamata olives:

  • Serve at room temperature.
  • Add to most any salad. 
  • Bake and cook for marvelous taste and texture.

The easiest way to pit our Kalamata olives is to press them with the flat side of a knife, splitting the olive and exposing the pit. 

Don't toss that liquid! This brine is made with American Heart Association® certified Tassos® Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Red Wine Vinegar.  It is perfect for a salad dressing starter, to add to water of boiling pasta, or drizzle in a pan to jazz up fried eggs. 


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