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Sundried Tomatoes & Garlic Double Stuffed Super Colossal Olives


Another wonderful, first ever, Tassos Double Stuffed!

This magical balance of flavors, textures, heft, nutrients, and massive crunch, is from the:

  • sweetness of sun dried heirloom tomatoes,
  • herbaceous and slightly salty taste of a ginormous size olive fruit,
  • mild pungency of a whole California garlic clove,
  • Greek herbs.

These hand stuffed Super Colossal olives are:

  • Low Carb, Zero Sugars
  • Pesticide, Chemical, Preservative, and Coloring Free
  • Gluten Free and Non GMO
  • Metabisulfite Free

Don’t Toss That Liquid! Tassos® special, all-natural brine is all consumable and ideal for dressings, dips, and marinades.




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Must try


If you have not tried. You must Great on own or in any Antipasto salad or vodka use brine to make a dressing. So many ideas to many to list. Love Tasso the only brand we buy

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