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Almond Stuffed Super Colossal Olives


You may simply go nuts over this pairing. Bursting with the natural, unique flavor, these hand stuffed massive sized olives give a distinctive sensory experience; the light nutty flavor of a whole California almond with the brightness of the olive creates the most appealing taste and biggest crunch of all. 

These bites of crisp sunshine make the smartest snack and appetizer – they satisfies the taste we want and the nutrition that we need:

  • between the intense essential nutrients, antioxidants, good fatty acids of Greek Halkidiki olives and the almond’s equally dense concentration of the same, we have put the equivalent of 1 cup of broccoli into 1 ounce of almond hand-stuffed olives.

These olives are always ready for a party, after school snack or an evening in front of the TV.

Don’t toss that liquid!  Tassos® special brine is the tastiest and lowest sodium olive juice available. 

Our olives are always chemical, preservative, additive, coloring and gluten free. 




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