Tassos Satisfaction Guarantee

Our Commitment to You

We have one job — to bring you delicious, healthy fruits and vegetables from the Mediterranean country of Greece. We offer only artisanal, gourmet quality foods, which are sustainably grown and packaged, and then offered at affordable prices. Our products are made from a few, completely pronounceable and identifiable ingredients.

Both our USDA organically grown and non-organically grown fruits and vegetables meet the same high standards — they go from seed to harvest without use of synthetic pesticides. We then process them without chemicals, artificial coloring, or preservatives.

At each annual harvest, we select the best of the year’s crop. As with all agricultural crops, our fruits and vegetables are influenced by the weather and climate during their respective growing seasons. This means the harvests can create differences from one jar to the next.  If you find this variation unacceptable, we appreciate you bringing this to our attention; we want to make it right. Tassos_Signature_graphic