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These Onions Will Never Make You Cry

While the cocktail parties and drinks are slowly coming back into vogue, our Cocktail Onions have become super tasty homebodies. Even though our onions are ready to return full time to the party life, it would be a shame to forget their culinary versatility.

Our Cocktail Onions  have a profusion of interesting, layered tastes and a fresh aroma that testifies to our exceptionally wholesome pickling process. To achieve this, we started with the best silver skin onions that Holland has to offer and then we handed them over to our culinary artists for pickling. When done right, pickling brings out and even creates new and better flavors and textures.

Cocktail Onions packed with Piri-Piri Chili Pepper is infused with a totally new dimension to the clean, sweet, briny taste of our Aromatic Cocktail Onions. These chili peppers are hot but have a wonderful citrusy undertone that lends delightfully with the briny sweetness. Piri Piri are exciting chilis and this is one spirited pickling partnership.   


Breaking down these crisp, sweet little bites to their many gifted talents:

The Party

Our white pearl onions are all the rage now that cocktail parties and drinks are back in vogue and here to stay. The popularity of Skinny Cocktails can have no better companion than lots of low-calorie, non-fat pearls of sweetness.



The Morning After

The morning or brunch Bloody Mary need not be blasé, simply pour over an inch or two of these cocktail onions. . . and don’t forget a layer of Tassos® olives! Serve with a spoon!


Every Day Forward

While a toothpick is simply naked without one or two of these sweet briny crunches on the end, don’t let that jar sit idle until your next party; these sweet, pickled onions are delish:

  • in deviled eggs
  • added to Tacos
  • in a pot of chili and stew
  • when caramelized
  • diced for coleslaw
  • as classic creamed onions
  • with beef kabobs
  • salsas, relishes, and marinades
  • serve alongside dips, bruschettas and on antipasto plates

They will become your go-to secret ingredient for instantly elevating a basic dish into a culinary delight.

Cocktail onions are not typically eaten in large enough quantities to impart their amazing nutritional qualities --- our cocktail onions may be the exception! So, enjoy lots of these flavorful bulbs for the amazing antioxidants that trigger healthy reactions.