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In keeping with bringing our customers a passport free taste of Greece, Tassos® introduces an authentic line of baked goods that are important in the daily Mediterranean’s’ diet. Rusks and Breadsticks contain the component needed for delicious, healthy eating --- whole grains and seeds.

Rusks, or paximadia in Greek, are dry, hard biscuits or twice-baked bread. You may already be familiar with similar hard biscuits – biscotti and Melba Toast, so there is no need to be intimated by these hard toasts. Their appeal is in their versatility, variety and complexity of flavors and they are great at soaking up liquids!

Our rusks recipes are baked on the island of Crete, Greece and have been since antiquity.  Rusks are a universal part of Cretan cuisine, the prototype of the Mediterranean diet! 

Our four Cretan Rusks are extremely healthy, with a good fiber content, no cholesterol, superior grade dietary fats, no added sugars or preservatives and they all have a good long shelf life.   

  • Whole Wheat Rusks with Greek Olive Oil have a nutty, hearty taste.
  • Whole Barley Rusks with Greek Olive Oil have less gluten than other grains and is a bold, wholesome grain.
  • Whole Rye Rusk with Greek Olive Oil have an intense rye flavor and dense texture.
  • Carob Rusk with Greek Olive Oil is naturally sweet while being caffeine-free and a good source of fiber.

How To Enjoy Rusks