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Tassos® Most Innovative Recipe Challenge

 Month of August 2021



We are dedicating the month of August for holding our first cooking contest and we are excited to see what you come up with!  

The theme of our first challenge is Most Innovative Recipe using one or more Tassos® brand foods.

It does not have to be fancy or complicated, but we will be judging for creativity of such things as flavor pairings, original recipe, reinterpreting an existing recipe or updating one for special diets, unique serving ideas, and ease of preparation (one hour time limit preferred).

Our rules are simple:

Duration of Contest  This recipe contest will remain open for the month of August.

Entry Deadline  August 31, 2021

Entry Fee  There is no cost to enter. Sponsor will select winners.


1st Place   $150 Tassos® Gift Card & Designer Apron

2nd Place    $75 Tassos® Gift Card & Designer Apron

General Info  You may submit up to two original recipes, including photo of prepared dish(es) per person.  Submit individually into form below. 

Entries must include a Recipe Name. The name and/or or a brief description of the dish should address the theme of Most Innovative Recipe.

The Prize-winning recipes, with attribution, will be featured and have a permanent home on our website and shared in our newsletter.   

Please provide your email address, since winners will be notified by email on October 1, 2021. Your email address is safe and will not be shared with anyone.  

Reminders   Recipes must include the number of servings and should be in standard recipe format, using standard measurements. All ingredients and quantities must be complete and listed in order of use. Please note any required cooking times and temperatures.

Judging  All recipes submitted during the month of August will be recreated in the Tassos kitchens during the month of September, with the winners be announced on October 1, 2021.

Submissions  With each submission, you permit publication of your recipe and picture(s) on  Please read our Terms of Use.

How to Enter  Fill in the form below.

Good Luck!   

Submit Your Most Innovative Recipe Details Below. 

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