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Blue Cheese Stuffed Greek Olives



This is an olive for the cheese enthusiast. The big crunch of our world-renown Halkidiki olives ends in a creamy blue cheese center.  Our blue cheese is blended with a traditional Greek cheese Mizithra (mee-ZEETH-rah) which is sweeter and more nuanced and plays off the tang of blue cheese perfectly. 

This is truly a savory combination while being low-carb, sugar and gluten free.  These hand stuffed olives can be served at any meal and as an appetizer for any occasion:

  • when paired with other cheeses,
  • chopped in quesadillas and sandwiches,
  • in any salad,
  • for a stylish, tasty topping on any pasta sauce,
  • and definitely as a side cocktail garnish.

Don’t toss that juice! It is perfect as salad dressing starter or add to the water for boiling pasta and will absolutely jazz up fried eggs; just drizzle in the pan.

The green olives of Halkidiki were registered as a Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) product in 2012 by the European Union.  

  • PDO positively accentuates and influences the plant’s genetics and epigenetics. 
  • The authenticity and origin are guaranteed and legally protects against imitation or inferior quality.
  • This designation protects unique heritage, character and the reputation of historical/cultural foods.
  • We develop a greater appreciation of the importance of regional and specialty foods.

Our Halkidiki green olives are grown and harvested in the PDO region of Halkidiki, Greece yet do not carry the PDO seal.  The reason being that all stuffings must also be PDO certified.


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Love love love the flavor and texture of these olives! My only unpleasant surprise was when I bit into one and got a pit instead of the delicate blue cheese ??

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Best Olives


TASSO OLIVES are the BEST!! Not over-salty, briney or bitter like other brands, and TASSO selections are incredible! THANK YOU!

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