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Cocktail Onions Aromatic


Pickling is a culinary art!  Done right, it brings out and even creates new and better flavors and textures. Our pearl onions are pickled so expertly as to bring out a profusion of interesting, layered tastes and an aroma that testifies to our exceptionally wholesome process     

Though a tooth pick is simply naked without one of these on the end, we are changing the reputation of the Cocktail Onion from being just a partier to a super tasty home body too. Their sweet briny crunch is so fun you will add them to far more than your cocktails. 

Try in stews, soups, salsas, relishes, kabobs, antipasto plates or simply as a refreshing little snack.

Always deliciously healthy, we use no preservatives, chemicals or additives in our pickled onions. 



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