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Cocktail Onions with Piri-Piri Chili Peppers


Onion and chili pepper lovers will swoon. The addition of Piri Piri peppers infuses a totally new dimension to the clean, sweet, briny taste of our onions. These peppers are hot but have a wonderful citrusy undertone that marries delightfully with the onions.

Don’t let these onions sit idle until your next party. These sweet and hot pickled onions are delish:

  • in deviled eggs, 
  • added to tacos,
  • in a pot of chili,
  • and with beef kabobs.

Always deliciously healthy, we use no preservatives, chemicals or additives in our pickled onions. 

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OMG! Have always enjoyed cocktail fact onions of any kind. The idea of introducing Purim Purim peppers was genius. Crisp and delicious with just the right amount of heat. They make great treats and I love them in a Bloody Mary. Thanks so much for providing these for purchase!

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