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Extra Virgin Olive Oil


We take our olive oils very seriously. The Koroneiki Olive, along with our holistic approach, guarantees a truly superior Extra Virgin Olive Oil that possesses the greatest gastronomic exceptionalism and medicinal value.

All of our Extra Virgin Olive Oils are certified by the American Heart Association┬«.  The high antioxidant and polyphenol content, and low oleic acidity within this oil, not only has positive outcomes for our health but directly influences its matchless organoleptic qualities, which is bold but balanced, robust yet layered.  

We use the Koroneiki olive exclusively. This is a native Greek olive variety with a history of at least ten centuries of systematic cultivation. Koroneiki has evolved into its current form with the remarkable ability to prosper under adverse weather conditions without deleterious or major swings in its health endowing components. 

Only a superior quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil affords itself to all cooking methods. This oil is not just great for your health but it is great for frying, sauteeing, baking, dipping, dressings and for drinking. 

Request your copy of Let's Get Cooking with Extra Virgin Olive Oil at Contact Us. 





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