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Feta Cheese Stuffed Greek Olives


Here is the marriage of two authentic, exclusively Greek, international super stars -- Halkidiki Green Olives and Feta Cheese. Our Feta is made from Greek whole sheep and goat’s milk and anything less are simply knockoffs.  

These two are sweethearts of chefs and nutritionist all over the world.  Here the ultimate stuffed olive experience gets all of our senses involved: 

  • big crisp, crunch, 
  • rich, creamy, soft texture,
  • tangy flavor,
  • slight saltiness,
  • creamy white in color.

Our Feta Cheese Stuffed olives are delicious companions:

  • when paired with lamb,
  • chopped in quesadillas and sandwiches,
  • in any salad,
  • with appetizers,
  • dropped into tomato based sauces,
  • and of course, as a garnish to a Martini, Bloody Mary and more.

The green olives of Halkidiki were registered as a Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) product in 2012 by the European Union.  

  • PDO positively accentuates and influences the plant’s genetics and epigenetics. 
  • The authenticity and origin are guaranteed and legally protects against imitation or inferior quality.
  • This designation protects unique heritage, character and the reputation of historical/cultural foods.
  • We develop a greater appreciation of the importance of regional and specialty foods.

Our Halkidiki green olives are grown and harvested in the PDO region of Halkidiki, Greece yet do not carry the PDO seal.  The reason being that all stuffings must also be PDO certified. 


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Almost better than the Blue Cheese. But, great in a Martini!

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