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Garlic & Jalapeno Double Stuffed Olives


Tassos Double Stuffed® was the first time an olive had ever been double stuffed.  We took the Greek Halkidiki (hal-kee-dhi-KEE) olive and hand stuffed a whole clove of California garlic and a slice of Mexican Jalapeno, for a little peck of heat.  These olives are a nutrient dense bite of absolute delectability.

Halkidiki olives are large enough to accommodate a double stuffing.  These olives are declared to be from a Protected Designation of Origin (P.D.O.) region so you are guaranteed premium quality. 

These olives are a sensory experience with their beautiful, crunchy boldness and superb flavor. 

We have unmasked the subtle woody, herbaceous flavor of the real fruit, preserved the texture, heft and natural coloring and released all the exquisite polyphenols and antioxidants by fermenting our olives with a 4,000-year-old tradition of clean, clear spring water and a low concentration of sea salt.




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Martini Girl


These are the BEST! Used to hand stuff olives with blue cheese, but the garlic and jalapeno stuffed olives are much better - a pop of flavor without the cheese calories - and these olives DO have a crunch and just seem fresher than anything I've bought at the store. These were a wonderful buy at Costco, but they are no longer available at this time so I was over the moon happy about being able to order these online directly from the company. Cheers - try these!

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Absolutely the best olives I have ever had! I eat them almost every day.

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