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Mediterranean Medley Greek Olives


We put all three world-famous Greek olives under one lid.  This triumphant trio has endeared itself in the marketplace since it was first developed by Tassos. This mix of superior quality olives is a powerhouse of delicious, wholesome healthiness.

40% Halkidiki Green Olives:  These world-famous olives are so naturally crunchy, tasty, healthy, and of such superior quality that the region of their birth is declared to be a Protected Designation of Origin (P.D.O.). 

40% Kalamata Olives: Only real Kalamata olives come from Greece. Our olives are of such exceptional quality as to be in demand the world over for their dark purple-black color, distinctive taste, appearance and nutritional content. Kalamata, Greece is recognized as a Protected Designation of Origin (P.D.O.).  

20% Black Olives:  These hands picked black olives are meaty and sublimely rich and of such unparalleled quality that the home of their birth, Amphissa region, is also recognized as a Protected Designation of Origin (P.D.O.).  

Don’t toss that juice! Our olive medley is immersed in American Heart Association® certified Tassos® Extra Virgin and Red Wine Vinegar brine. 


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excellent brine, not pitted


these are great olives, brine is delicious. wish they would state that these are not pitted. reason for 4 stars instead of five. you will like them.

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Love The Variety!


Opened our first jar last night and I must say what an enjoyable treat! Love the overall flavor and the different varieties, so many types of olives, who would have known. Thank You TASSOS for another excellent treat!

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