Our History

Our History

Welcome to the Tassos® family! We promise the best from our family to yours: just look for products carrying the Tassos® seal of excellence. Our premium-quality, artisanal products from the Mediterranean combine centuries of time-honored tradition with new-world innovation. You can purchase all your favorites or find new ones on our website, at club stores across the country, or at a grocer in the Chicagoland area or in Wisconsin.

In addition to offering the best in high-quality, specialty gourmet food products at great prices, we also incorporate the values of education, quality, and hospitality, which have guided the Tassos® brand from its creation to the present day.

From Humble Beginnings to Award-Winning Products

In 1995, Chicago-based Greek immigrant Tassos Chronopoulos founded our family-owned and operated business in a tiny office space. Initially he marketed Tassos® estate-bottled olive oil to boutique import shops in Chicago’s historic Gold Coast, and in 1996, his efforts were rewarded with a “Thumbs Up” from the Chicago Tribune. As the business grew, he was joined by his daughter Anne Marie (Anna) and son Michael in 1998. That same year, we used the momentum gained from the success with our olive oil and expanded the Tassos® brand into other specialty products lines.

These initial accolades were followed by gold medals in blind-taste competitions from accomplished chefs in both New York (1998) and San Francisco (1999). By 2004 Consumer Reports recognized Tassos® as one of the premier brands in the United States and one of only two brands to score in all measured characteristics regarding quality. In 2006 the company earned the certification of Protected Designation of Origin by the European Union.

Expanded Vision for the Future

Since 2006, our family business has expanded to a multi-cultural, multi-ethnic staff, while still maintaining a close-knit, warm family feeling. While still in our first generation of ownership, we’ve created a soil-to-shelf infrastructure for all of our products, guaranteeing you the very best from marmalades to pasta sauces. Our strong domestic and international partnerships reflect our core values of education, hospitality, and dedication to quality.

Over the years, we’ve noticed that our customers have a friendly, adventurous, and unpretentious spirit, while also holding the highest standards of quality and sophistication. In response to your taste in excellence, the Tassos Group, LLC, has been first to market many specialty products, including items preserved in elegant, signature pieces of sculpted glass jars designed by Tassos himself.

From Our Table to Yours

Our commitment to our consumers means that we want you to make full use of your Tassos® products by providing palate-pleasing recipes and a forum to field your culinary questions about our exceptional products. Continue your Tassos® culinary education by checking out the FAQ page to Recipes and our newest feature, Chef’s Corner.

As we look forward to the future with a sense of imagination and adventure, we also look back to our humble beginnings and focus on our company’s mission: to be your provider of choice for gourmet Mediterranean food products of uncompromising quality at affordable prices.

Join the Tassos® family! We promise you’ll be happy here. Create an account today.

You can trust the Tassos® seal: it marks the best the Mediterranean has to offer.


History of Tassos

History of Tassos

History of Tassos