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Plus+ Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil


Tassos was the first to ever produce an Extra Virgin Olive Oil that is both USDA Organic and a PDO (Protected Designation of Origin). This oil is the ne plus ultra, or in plain English, the ultimate pinnacle in Extra Virgin Olive Oils.  It is truly the bridge between food and medicine.

It has an exceptional taste and aroma profile because it possesses exceedingly high antioxidants and other important health promoting phytochemicals.  The aroma is the fruity fresh smell of unripened olive fruit with mild herbaceous notes. The taste is fruity, including green apple, lingering banana notes, and has a radicchio level of bitterness. The finish is robust and peppery (which is the actual taste of antioxidants!).

The Benefits of Tassos® PDO Products are:

  • You are guaranteed that the natural origin of taste is a ‘point of perfection’.
  • You know that the authenticity and origin are guaranteed and legally protects against imitation.
  • You know you are not being mislead with non-genuine products or inferior quality.
  • You know where your food comes from and are able to make an informed choice.
  • You know that PDO certification promotes rural and agricultural activity and sustainability.
  • You know that this designation protects unique heritage, character and the reputation of historical/cultural foods.

This olive oil is not just great for your health but it is great for every cooking method.  Request your copy of Let's Get Cooking with Extra Virgin Olive Oil at Contact Us. 




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I have used this product for months as a daily supplement and my blood test results are proof that this product is great for our health. Thank you Tassos for bringing such a good, healthy product to the marketplace.

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