Dirty Margarita

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Dirty Margarita



Since its introduction a half a century ago, the Margarita has surveyed consistently as our most favorite cocktail. According to Nielsen, it’s the go-to drink for 60% of Americans, claiming we drink 185,000 Margaritas every hour. (Wow, we have some serious catching up to do.)

The Margarita has the perfect balance on our taste buds while still lending itself to embellishment. If you love olives and olive juice, then you will love a Dirty Margarita.

To give it truly impressive dirtiness, eliminate the lime on the side and garnish with Tassos® olives and cocktail onions.



• salt

• 1½ oz tequila

• 1 oz Tassos® Olive Juice

• ½ oz lime juice

• ½ oz triple sec

• ½ oz simple syrup

• 2 dashes orange bitters

• 3–6 Tassos® Olives, your choice

• 2–3 Tassos® Cocktail Onions

Cooking Directions


Place salt on plate and moisten rim of glass with lime. Dip rim of glass in salt.

Combine tequila, olive juice, lime juice, triple sec, simple syrup, and bitters in a shaker with ice.

Shake and strain into the glass over ice cubes.


Garnish with olives and onions.


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