Greek Cultural Salad

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Greek Cultural Salad



A Greek salad is without lettuce but that is not the only thing that distinguishes it above all the rest. The distinguishing ingredients are always tomatoes, cucumbers, onion and topped with Feta cheese and a simple olive oil dressing.

This simple dressing is very versatile, so double the recipe and keep refrigerated for a meat marinade, to drizzle on vegetables or with those salads with lettuce. Because it has olive oil, bring back to room temperature as the oil may solidified in the chill.

Note from Tassos: Authentic Feta cheese, Kalamata Olives and our Extra Virgin Olive Oil come only from Greece. If it is not from Greece, it must identify as a Feta or Kalamata 'type' or 'like'. These products are part of the Greek culture and heritage and are Protected Designation of Origin foods. If you like to know where your food comes from and appreciate the difference in superior quality without a big price tag, make sure these items are of Greek origin.



Salad Ingredients

• 4-5 red, ripe tomatoes

• 1 cucumber, peeled or unpeeled

• 12 to 15 Pitted Kalamata Olives

• 1 large red onion

• ½ lb Feta cheese


• 1 green bell pepper

• 12 to 15 Pitted Green Olives

Dressing Ingredients

• 2 Tbsp red wine vinegar

• 1 Tbsp Juice of a lemon

• 1 grated clove of garlic

• 1 tsp dried oregano

• ¼ c Extra Virgin Olive Oil

• Sea Salt and pepper

Cooking Directions


Remove the core of the tomato and cut into bite size chunks. Slice cucumber into ¼ inch slices. Slice the onion into rings.

Combine all into a large bowl

Mixing the salad dressing, pour over salad and toss.


Serve chilled and add Feta cheese and Kalamata olives and seasonings to taste when plated.


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