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  • 1L_Papandoro_with_Cream_Cheese
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Papandoro Peppers Stuffed with Cream Cheese




We love late summer in Greece because it is when Tassos Papandoro™ Peppers are ripe and ready for harvesting.

This seasonal fruit is our unique seasonal specialty offering with one-of-a-kind flavor layering. Hand stuffed with a smooth, thick center of sweetness and tanginess.

Just two simple, pronounceable ingredients:

PAPANDORO™ PEPPERS are becoming wildly popular. We cultivate our Papandoro™ peppers specifically for their size, taste, and texture. These lovely peppers are vibrant red, delightfully cute cup-shaped peppers that have just the right amount of crunch. Their medium skinned wall keeps them crisp in the brine. Barely registering on the Scoville heat scale, they make up with their mild, uniquely spicy, and sweet flavor.

CREAM CHEESE is one of the world’s most loved and widely consumed cheese as nothing beats its soft, not overly sweet taste, slightly tangy and creamy texture. An easy, quick, deliciously perfect answer for any occasion, meal, or dietary lifestyle.

Serve to Oohs and Aahs:

  • as a super tasty side
  • as a richly filling snack
  • as a perfectly genius hors d’oeuvre
  • include in bread recipes or as a pizza topping!

Our Greek Papandoro Peppers are free of chemicals, preservatives, and artificial dyes.

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One more thing.


Been an old German we were taught not to waste anything. When you mix the oil from these peppers with apple cider vinegar and use that as a salad dressing, it is close to heaven as you’re going to get while still having a heartbeat. The company managers may read this. You should make that suggestion for all your customers in the highlights because this is a darn good salad dressing. We chopped the peppers up, use the oil with apple cider vinegar and do a salad and it’s just delicious.

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My favorite Tassos item


This is by far the best Tassos product I have purchased. Can’t get enough. Thank you for this wonderful product. Faithful fan and consumer.

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Stuffed Peppers


They are good, but I enjoy the Stuffed Olives More.

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