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Sundried Tomatoes Julienne Cut


The slower, ancient process of drying directly under the sun, without chemicals or preservatives, produces a wonderful, dried fruit in shades of a fine Cabernet. The bright, bold taste of the highly perishable ripe tomato is preserved under the Mediterranean Sun.

The flavor of a tomato is part genetics and part environment. We grow our tomatoes from heirloom seeds, passed down through the generations, expressly because of their enhanced taste and dense nutrient content.

You will find these Sundried Tomatoes highly versatile as they add flavor and texture to any fresh or cooked dish while being low-carb and low-calorie:

  • toss into pasta dishes, on to pizzas
  • puree with cheese for a spread
  • stir fry or put into omelets
  • fold into breads and muffin batters. 

Don’t toss that Dressing! Heart Check certified Tassos® Extra Virgin Olive Oil & Balsamic Vinegar Dressing is healthy deliciousness on salads, in dipping sauces, drizzling, and cooking. 

This biodiverse food is metabisulfite, chemical, preservative, additive and dye free.



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