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Carob Mini Rusk Made with Greek Olive Oil


Rusks, a traditional part of the Mediterranean diet.


This is another traditionally Cretan baked Rusk, made from only those ingredients you would use if you made our products at home.  These Carob Rusks are bite size and naturally sweet from high quality carob flour.

All our rusks are specially blended ratios of Wheat, Barley, Rye or Carob Flours to create their delightful tastes.  With our Carob Rusk, the blend is with Wheat, Barley and Carob Flours to give sweetness but not overwhelming so.

Carob Is a healthy substitute for chocolate but unlike chocolate, it has zero fat, no caffeine and is a good source of fiber.

The carob tree is native to the Mediterranean region. Its pod contains a sweet, edible pulp. Once dried and roasted, the pulp is ground into a powder called carob flour or also referred to as carob powder. (See photo of the carob pod below.) If you have not tried Carob, you are in for a treat.

Most every country has a traditional rusk on their menu. Whether they are called Zwieback, Biscotti, or Toast Bisquit, they are eaten with certain things or at certain meals.  With Creten rusks, they are pretty much eaten with every meal and in many ways. 

Request our e-booklet SUGGESTED WAYS TO ENJOY TASSOS RUSKS at frontdesk@tassos.comCOVER_PAGE__Suggested_Ways_To_Enjoy_TassosĀ®_Rusks_

Note: This product contains gluten and is not suitable for celiacs or people intolerant to this protein.

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We travelled to Greece recently and tried carob rusks for the first time. Found them from Tassos and gave them a try! They are very delicious on a salad as a crouton or with a dip.

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