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  • 1L_Cherry_Peppers_Stuffed_with_Cream_Cheese

Cherry Peppers Stuffed with Cream Cheese


The hallmarks of our Cherry Red Peppers:

  • delightfully cute
  • bright, fiery red
  • little bit sweet
  • little bit fruity
  • little bit spicy
  • slightly hotter than a pimiento
  • cup shaped cavity
  • medium thick wall
  • the right amount of crunch
  • briny tang
  • free of chemicals, preservatives, artificial dyes

Now take all those great attributes in one little package and hand stuff it with the world’s most loved, widely consumed cheeses, Cream Cheese, because nothing beats its soft, not overly sweet, creamy taste and texture.

An easy, quick, deliciously perfect answer to a busy weeknight!

As a colorful hand-stuffed appetizer but also as an inspired side dish, these can be:

  • served on sandwiches, pizza and salads
  • classic cherry pepper shooters on an antipasto dish
  • a perfectly genius hors d’oeuvre
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Yummy yummy yummy


Already love the papandoro peppers with cream cheese and jalapenos and florinas peppers, so had to try the cherry peppers with cream cheese! They are indeed sweet and spicy. Great to eat by themselves or tossed into a salad!

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