Tassos Olive Martini

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Tassos Olive Martini



The Olive Martini is the classiest, most famous cocktail in the world. It even has its own day, National Martini Day! Its popularity has been unwavering for a good 150 years.

The basic ingredients are part of its charm and good olives are the second.

This traditional recipe will be one of your favorite as it highlights savoring world-famous olives. Olives know how to soak up the alcohol to give this drink its unique taste.

Why limit yourself to 3 olives, we highly recommend an olive per sip.



• 2 oz gin

• 1 oz vermouth

 • Lots of Tassos® Olives, your choice


Cooking Directions


Combine gin and vermouth.

Pour into a mixing glass filled with ice and stir or shake well.

Strain to remove ice.

Pour into a chilled glass packed with olives.

To make a Gibson add cocktail onions.

Serve immediately.


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