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Wheat Mini Rusk Made with Greek Olive Oil


Rusks, a traditional part of the Mediterranean diet.


These wheat rusks have a nutty, hearty taste. Our Rusks are still baked today as they were during antiquity -- thick, rustic bread, twice-baked. Yes, they are hard, but their appeal is in their flavors, dense texture, and versatility.

Rusks are made like bread, but the moisture is reduced during its second baking, so it dries out, becoming hard and crunchy. 

  • All are made with Greek olive oil from the island of Crete. 
  • Rusks have no cholesterol, superior grade dietary fats, no added sugars or preservatives. 

Each rusk variety has a distinctive flavor so TRY THEM ALL!  

Most every country has a traditional rusk on their menu. Whether they are called Zwieback, Biscotti or Toast Bisquit, they are often eaten with certain things or at certain meals.  With Creten rusks, they are pretty much eaten with every meal and in lots of ways. 

Request our e-booklet SUGGESTED WAYS TO ENJOY TASSOS RUSKS at frontdesk@tassos.comCOVER_PAGE__Suggested_Ways_To_Enjoy_TassosĀ®_Rusks_

Note: This product contains gluten and is not suitable for celiacs or people intolerant to this protein.

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Restrictions - contains: Gluten


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Just A Piece Of Bread, Right?


WOW, not a big fan of a dry, hard types of bread, but this one passes the taste test and then some. An excellent flavor, tried it with a little Tassos Roasted Red Pepper and Cheese spread and it's very hard to not just make a meal of this treat!

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