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Roasted Eggplant Pasta Sauce


There is no better way to feature eggplant than in our thick and savory tomato based sauce. We roast our eggplant to preserve its delicate taste and texture. 

Let this roasted eggplant sauce cover every strand of spaghetti or pasta to never miss a bite of the wholesome taste of freshly roasted eggplant, sun-soaked tomatoes, fresh herbs, and the richness of Tassos® heart healthy Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Sprinkling parmesan on top is optional…as is a glass of red wine.

Whether feeding hordes or dining guests, this versatile Mediterranean staple is ideal for more than starches:

  • Saucing all your meats and fish.
  • Spreading on a baguette or French bread and then top with Mozzarella.
  • Saucing pizza or as a base for nacho dips.
  • Stirring into bread dough and mash potatoes.
  • Spooning a dollop into vegetable or potato soup.
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This pasta sauce has a wonderful smoky flavor and is very thick without a lot of salt and sugar.

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